Friday, August 27, 2010

Tokyo Disneyland day 3 in Japan

Ok sorry I couldn't write yesterday by the time we got home it was time to pass out. Yesterday we went to Tokyo Disneyland and it definitely brought me back to being a kid again. It is extremely hot here and let me tell you this Guata Jew is rockin the JEW FRO. I had to put my hair in braids just to maintain it. We searched and searched for a mickey hat with ears but all they had were scrunchies and headbands with ears or hair clips with ears which I purchased to add on to the fro.

We pretty much went on every ride such as big thunder mountain, dumbo, splash, mountain, space mountain, star tours, pirates of the Caribbean and its a small world. Eden and I barely saw any other Americans and I have to admit it was pretty amusing to have everything in Japanese especially splash mountain where all the furry animals were singing in Japanese. Oh so something to note .....the difference between Japan and China  is that the Chinese people have no respect for space and will cut you in line and push you out of the way. We were waiting in line for splash mountain and this Chinese woman and her son were trying to cut Eden and I. I may not speak either language but I gave her the international signal for get in the back of the line lady and during the entire wait, which was 110min wait, she was on my ass. If we were in a car this lady was tailgating me like it was her job. Oh and you know how six flags has the flash pass that costs $1,000 extra per person well the great thing about Tokyo Disneyland is that they are free here!!! For lunch we both ordered chicken curry and the curry sauce looked like thick gravy and the chicken freaked me out but when you are here you cannot be picky about food. We then treated ourselves to shaved ice which Eden and I have become obsessed with since the humidity is unreal.

Late night we headed out to the red light district where sex sells and there is a gay/lesbian area. We couldn't find the restaurant we wanted to go to so we ended up walking into an Italian place. I ordered risotto and Eden decided to be adventurous and pointed to something in Japanese and waited for her surprise.... it looked like snails in a cheese sauce and our waiter didn`t speak a word of English so Eden drew a picture of a snail to ask if thats what she was eating and he had to go to the computer to translate what he wanted to say. It ended up being some sort of shellfish. Good for her for being adventurous when it comes to food. We then wandered around to the gay district and walked into a lesbian bar and ordered an $8 Corona.... yes an $8 Corona I know. All of a sudden all the Asian women started clapping and singing happy birthday to this girl at the bar in English so we were able to chime in. On our walk back to the subway I couldn`t help but notice all the pictures of topless Asian men ..... oy vey,,, lets just say some of the pics were inappropriate.

We have figured out the subway system its a little intense at first and there are 2 different companies which took Eden and I 2 days to figure out because if you buy the wrong ticket it the little doors to the entrance wont let you in and makes a loud sound.... very embarassing. The concept is the same as NYC. There are colors and letters but there are separate exits for different locations when you want to exit so even if you are on the gray Hline you either get out at exit 1c or 3. Very confusing I know but it can be done.

We missed our stop and had to wait for the next train and Eden was amused watching my head bob up and down from almost passing out in my chair. I am still jetlagged ugh.

We are still staying at the Sakura hotel and we went to the fishmarket and ropongi today which I will talk about in the next blog. We head out for Kyoto tomorrow night.

I have attached some pics. Enjoy!

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  1. HAHA!! omg i laughed out loud at eden's surprise. Car, this is so great. I'm so envious/proud of you.