Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sightseeing in Tokyo day 2 in Japan

We got an early start today and wandered around Tokyo. First, we went to the Imperial Palace Plaza. We saw a bunch of little...trees? It was okay. The most exciting part was before we got there we used a fancy Asian toilet that has buttons for shooting water and a blow-dryer function. Once you close the bathroom door, the stall plays peaceful babbling brook sounds and it flushes automatically when you open the stall door. Then we had to use another public toilet and I was warned I would need to squat since the toilet is literally in the ground I took a picture for all of you don`t worry I flushed :)

Then, we took the train to what we thought was the Meiji Jingu (a shrine.) We got lost and wandered down a fashion street called Takeshija St. which  is where we saw those Japanese costume stores where you can get anything from Little Bo Beep to nurse uniforms to Japanese school girl uniforms. For those of you who watched sailor moon thats what the costumes looked like. There`s a group of girls called `Cosplay` who wear these costumes out in public. Anyway, we ended up at another shrine called Togo Jinja. Of course, all shrines look the same and it wasn`t until we got to the gift shop that I realized we had gone to the wrong one that we had originally planned to go to.

After that, we got a shaved ice and headed towards another train station. We happened upon the highly fashionable Omotesando district. It`s high-end like Fifth Avenue. Then it was back on the train all the way to the other end of the line to see the Sensoji Temple. People come here to pray and place their wishes on a small piece of paper and tie it to this thing that looks like a large drying rack.

We then went to a restaurant where you sit down and there is a rotating line of food and you pick what you want to eat off the line. Each plate is a different price and I had salmon sushi and a vegetarian spring roll.

You are allowed to walk around the streets and drink in public as if you were in Vegas or New Orleans. We walked by a beer dispenser machine and found that amusing.

Finally, we headed to Shiuya. It`s supposed to be the go-to place for Japanese fashion. While we walked I could not help but notice how the women dress in Japan. They all dress up and wear heels and you want to know whats popular here... SCRUNCHIES!!! They all have really cool hair styles too!

When we got back to the Sakura hotel I needed a nap. Eden woke me up and we headed out to a restaurant and had ramen noodles. I had to tell our waiter that I couldn't`t eat pork so my ramen consisted of noodles and spinach and it was extremely salty. But it came with a free glass of tea and Eden and I treated out salty. But it came with a free glass of iced tea and Eden and I treated ourselves to a beer.
Tomorrow we are going to Tokyo Disneyland.


  1. Tokyo Disneyland!!! Sooo jealous!! Let me know how it is! take pics there toooo!!!!!

  2. i have GOT to find a toilet with a blow dryer!