Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day 4 and 5 in Tokyo

We went to the Tsukiji fish market today. However the action starts at 8am where people come to purchase their fish and Eden and I slept till 10am and didn't get there till noon. The second we got out of the subway we could smell the fish in the air. Although we missed the morning experience we walked around and went through the side streets where vendors were still selling fish and other goods. We did not eat breakfast and were in major need of food and caffeine. We found tonemoto coffee head shop and we were so delirious from hunger that the owner convinced us to order these tea drinks with whipcream and chocolate sauce. We also ordered toast and you may think what is so special about toast. This toast was sooo fluffy and delicious covered in butter and sweet strawberry jam. We were in heaven.

We then headed back into the side streets of the fish market and people stand outside trying to convince you to eat at their restaurant. Of course I am a huge target since I am American and they start speaking whatever English they can and hand me an English menu. We sat down at the sushi counter and I ordered salmon and sea bass sushi while Eden ordered off the kids menu. The sushi chef totally called her out and said "you are not a kid" but he was amused and made it for her anyways. He used to live in San Diego and is actually the first Asian guy I thought was cute haha. I ate the most delicious and fresh sushi I have ever eaten in my life I cannot even compare it to any place in the states it was amazing.

We then went to the Yebisu beer museum and I sampled 2 beers. For those of you who know me I got tipsy after 2 beers followed by drunk hiccups. Eden couldn't believe it.

We are heading to Kyoto and we figured we were so close to the bus station to pick up our tickets for the next day we headed over there not knowing that it was going to take us 3 hours to find the bus stop. We literally walked and asked people where to go and trying to find people who speak English is not easy. We walked into the Hyatt hotel and another fancy hotel and they were able to assist us. Although it took us some time to find the stop we were glad we did this the day before we left.

Dinner... Well we wanted to go to the only Mexican restaurant in Tokyo recommended by Lonely Planet but it was an hour and a half wait. We ate at a random Japanese place and I ate spicy noodles.

For your amusement we then ventured out to Roppongi and went to a bar called heartland. Here is where all the foreign men go to pick up and hit on Asian women. It is legit we sat back and watched all the creepy foreign men hit on the Asian women the lines we heard were so lame. We spoke to a German engineer who has been living in Tokyo for 5 years and he told us how the Asian women come to this bar speak English to attract foreign men. Don't worry he has a gf. Because I am not Asian we attracted 2 guys from Australia one was half Japanese who was teaching English here and the other 100 percent Japanese who wanted to know if I prefered Brandon or Dylan from 90210 and I said neither Jared Leto from My so called life duh! He was not amused. They wanted us to go to a dance club with them but we passed and chose to head home.

Next day we layed low and chilled in the hostel to wait for the heat to die down a bit. We then went to Ueno where there are side streets for shopping and a shrine dedicated to Ueno who unified Tokyo. We had lunch at a restaurant where you take your shoes off and sit indian style at the low tables. My first time sitting on the floor. When we went back into the subway we got out and noticed a shopping mall. We headed in to what looked like a huge market area kind of like a big huge fance Harry and David or Dean and Deluca. I was craving veggies and bought grilled vegetables. We also walked by a juice place and ordered blueberry juice to get some antioxidants in me and Eden ordered a pear juice. We then ventured in search of a citibank ATM and headed back to our hostel.

We are now on an overnight bus headed to Kyoto with no bathroom and I have to pee. God help me and good night


  1. Wow! Sounds like your having an amazing time. Can't wait to see the pictures =)

  2. Hi carrie: sounds like you are having a great time! I did not know you liked coffee.

    Love, Dad

    Carrie, I told you sushi in Japan is the REAL THING, bring me some. I am thrill that you r having an awesome time with Eden. Read the little book I gave U. XXX OOO mom