Tuesday, August 24, 2010

1st day in Japan!!! We made it!!

Well I made it here in one piece.13 hour flight and was only able to sleep for 1 hour. At first I sat next to a man who provided me with a ton of travel advice for China and then asked me to move seats with his wife and ended up sitting next to a 20 yr old Italian kid named Steven who is studying Japanese for a year. He thought I was 20 as well god bless his heart sure I can be 20 again.  He taught me a little Japanese and then we ended up playing connect four for the entire flight. I flew on Nippon airways and the food was horrible and I was not happy about the movie choices. Anyways once I landed and went through customs Eden was able to find me right away... plus she found my backpack before she saw me. We then realized that we had both came to Japan with no plan and had no where to go. What the hell are we doing ? So I opened my lonely planet guide book found a hotel in the middle of Tokyo and started our adventure trying to figure out the subway system..... god help us. We ended up on a local train and had no idea where we were luckily Eden got the hang of it but of course when it came to switching stations you needed your ticket to get out and you know me...... lost the ticket. Went to talk to the ticket booth man and smiled he had no idea what I was saying in English and just let me pass. We made it to the hotel and we are staying at the Sakura hotel. We then met up with an old college buddy of mine who lives in Tokyo. Josh, Eden and I then headed out for our first meal in japan and guess what I ate.... HORSE MEAT! Going to head to bed now. Good night

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