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Oct. 21st-25th Ko Phangnan Full Moon party 2010!!!!!!!!!

Oct. 21st.: Liz, Beth and I got on a boat from Ko Samui to Ko Phangnan where we would be staying at the Vimarn Samut Resort. I ended up paying $300 for 3 nights here and when we got to the hotel we were extremely disappointed. I swear there was asbestos and the room was extremely damp. I ended up meeting Aaron and his friend Dave there and they both had really nice rooms with a TV and Fridge which we did not have in our rooms. We decided to make the best of it even though our room wasn't as nice. I did have to look on the bright side and noticed that the good thing about our hotel was that it was far away from the party beach so if we wanted to get away from the crazy chaos, neon paint and fire dancers we could.

The full moon party was on the 23rd but there are a number of parties before the date that lead to the full moon party. So we decided to have dinner by the beach and see what Ko Phangnan was all about.

Beth, Liz, Aaron, Dave and I ate dinner by the beach and I of course ate pad thai. Aaron thought it would be a great idea to get the party started by ordering buckets. Now let me tell you about these so called buckets. They are buckets used to make sand castles and there are a number of bucket stands surrounding the beach all with a different name and inappropriate messages. The buckets are 150-300 baht... its 30 baht to $1 so you do the math. These buckets are lethal!

We ended up bumping into the Canadian guys, James and Dustin, and here is where the neon paint and dancing started. Aaron had a neon dragon painted on to his arms and he was nice enough to buy me devil horns that light up. We all were covered in paint and neon necklaces, braceletes and horns and got up on a table and started to dance.

I felt really bad for our friend Dave. He came to the island with pink eye and when he tried to take a picture of us dancing on the tables he ended up falling backwards and it looked like it hurt. He was also trying way to hard to get the ladies and was being way too picky when we told him just to dance and have fun. He ended up getting lost in the crowd.

Beth, Liz and I just continued to dance till 3am. 

This was only the beginnning till the full moon party.

Oct. 22nd: This morning we woke up, had breakfast and went straight to the beach to relax and get some color. Since we had such a late night that night we decided to take it easy and I ended up taking the longest nap ever. Liz and Beth woke up earlier than I did so they headed into town to grab food.

When Aaron, Dave and I woke up we met up at the front of the hotel and walked to the town where all the restaurants and bars. We chose to eat at the Mona Lisa, which was run by Italians, and I ended up eating a pizza. Beth and Liz walked by and decided to join us and take advantage of the free wifi.

So things to know about the islands: 1. Everything is kind of pricey for Thailand. 2. They have bars and restaraunts that will play family guy or friends all day long. 3. You have to pay for internet at the cafes uless you are at a restaurant and use their free wifi. 4. You will have your clothes damaged by neon paint 5. You will see people with burns from playing with fire (either from the jump rope, hoop, or spitting fire) 6. You party till the sun comes up!

Since this was the night before the full moon party we decided to take it easy and just watch the fire show on the beach. The fire show consists of a number of Thai men playing with fire and twirling it like a baton. There are also places on the beach where you can jump rope fire. I mean it the jump rope is litterally on fire and the locals and tourists just go ahead and jump in. We also watched people place alocohol in their mouths and spit as hard as they can from a stick of fire trying to light another stick in front of them. Whoever is able to light the stick up wins a bucket. We saw a number of people get burned either from the jump rope or the  spitting contest.

Like I said we wanted to save our energy for the next night so we headed back to the hotel to sleep.

Oct. 23rd: FULL MOON PARTY!!!!! So my morning consisted of going for a run with Aaron, eating our free breakfast with the ladies, a little beach, a little lunch, which consisted of sketchy pad thai that was bright pink and realized it had shrimp in it, and let the shinanigans begin!!

We walked all over the main streets looking for outfits for the party. I had an idea in my head of what I wanted. Since there are ultra violet lights everywhere I wanted to make sure I wore white. I ended up finding a white shirt and white shorts and decided to splatter them with blue neon paint. Liz and Beth found their outfits as well and we walked to the dock to meet up with Emma, Kerry and Rachel sincelked all over the main streets looking for outfits for the party. I had an idea in my head of what I wanted. Since there are ultra violet lights everywhere I wanted to make sure I wore white. I ended up finding a white shirt and white shorts and decided to splatter them with blue neon paint. Liz and Beth found their outfits as well and we walked to the dock to meet up with Emma, Kerry and Rachel since they were staying on Ko Samui and taking the boat over. Once they arrived they all bought outfits as well and we headed back to the hotel to pregame and cover ourselves with neon paint.

Since I was the artistic one out of the group I ended up painting everyones faces and arms and legs. After I painted the group I chose to paint a blue flower on my face. I wore my hair up and bought a headband that said full moon party 2010. My entire outfit was white and neon blue. Aaron and Dave joined us and we painted a large pink hand on Dave's face to blend in with his pink eye. Now off to the beach!!!

Before we got to the beach Rachel and I decided to grab cheese burgers and fries so we could last all night  and these burgers were amazing! We walked down the beach and the scene was unreal. The beach was packed with people walking around with their buckets. There were 10,000-12,000 people on the beach partying. It was like spring break in Miami but it was 10 times better! There were even places where you could pay people to watch you sleep so you could wake up and party again.

I was happy that we had such an amazing group of girls. We all felt safe and we created a buddy system since the beach can get a bit crazy. Some of us were dancing on tables, others were buying buckets, and I decided to jump through a hoop of fire.... twice. After I jumped through a hoop of fire we ended up meeting a number of people and thats when I met Chris from Chicago. Chris used to work in finance and has also decided to quit his job to travel the world. I told him to take my camera and take pictures of me sliding down the slide with fire pillars on the side. We hung out for the majority of the night and I met his friends who he was traveling with and one of the girls was injured during a motorbike accident but she still came to party hard. Side note: motorbiking on these islands are very dangerous and we saw many accidents happen.

The night was ending and I did not have enough energy to stay for the sun rise. I said goodbye to Chris and walked back to the hotel. I thought it was really funny when I got back to our room Kerry, Beth and Rachel were passed out. Emma and Liz came back later and thought it would be amusing to take pictures of us all passed out. Emma, Kerry and Rachel needed to head out back to the pier to get the boat back to Ko Samui so we said goodbye and went back to sleep. We knew we would run into Kerry and Emma when we head to Ko Phi Phi. 

I had one of the most amazing nights of my life!

Oct. 24th and 25th: When I woke up I was still covered in neon paint and glitter. We washed up and packed and headed down to eat our free breakfast. We then moved to another hotel closer to the pier since it was cheaper and it had a swimming pool.

These next 2 days we used to recuperate and we hung out with Remco, San Diego and a big group of friends from England who we met in Ko Samui.

On the 25th we rented a 4x4. It was soo ghetto and thank god Liz knew how to drive stick. We drove to another beach on the island that was more peaceful and relaxing. We only had one cd in the car and it was techno of course so we drove around jamming to techno around the island.

Next stop: Railay beach!

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